Industrial & Construction Tools

RIDGID®, a leading manufacturer of innovative tools for the professional trades, offers over 300 types of tools and markets its products in more than 140 countries worldwide. Ridgid tools are targeted at the plumbing, pipe fitting, construction, and HVAC trades. These tools operate in extremes of heat and cold, withstand dirt and mud, and perform reliably day in and day out. RIDGID tools are known the world over as industry-leading products that allow professionals like you to complete jobs more quickly and reliably.







FIMA has been operating on the international market for over 10 years. A wide range of products is able to meet the requirements of the various sectors, from the DIY market to the industrial market. FIMA compressors are made using top quality raw materials and components. Each product is tested during the various production steps, in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standards. All FIMA compressors are made in accordance with the applicable European directives and meet the requirements for a proper environmental-friendly plant management, for an efficient but especially sustainable development.



  • Belt drive single stage air compressors available from 2 Hp to 4 Hp, with air tanks ranging from 24 litres to 270 litres and working pressure up to 10 Bars.
  • Belt drive two stage air compressors available from 5.5 Hp to 10 Hp, with air tanks ranging from 100 litres to 900 litres and working pressure up to 15 bars.
  • TANDEM Compressors with 2 pump heads & 2 Electric motors available in 500 & 900 liter capacities.

All FIMA compressors are backed by One year Warranty & comprehensive after sales service by GSIS.

JEONIL  Machinery Co., Ltd is a South Korean manufacturer of Light & medium duty construction equipment’s . With the manufacturing facility located at Gimpo-City, Korea , JEONIL has over 20 years of rich experience in manufacturing high quality construction equipment’s used in construction sites all over the world.   The JEONIL product range includes :

  • Concrete Vibrators
  • Plate Compactors
  • Rammers
  • Concrete Trowels
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Rebar Cutter ( Portable)

ENDRESS has specialised since 1914 in development, production and distribution of first-class generators. ENDRESS will also solidify its leading role in the future through demanding, trendsetting innovations and new products. Important postulates of the company policy:

  • Performance and reliability through a choice of outstanding components and standardized quality.
  • Environmental compatibility and futuristic technology through in-house development and production.
  • ENDRESS know-how at its locations worldwide

BDS was founded in 1989, and has since become the leading manufacturer of magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters in across the world and number one in Germany. Driven by technology and determined to produce the highest-quality products in the industry, BDS leaves nothing to chance. The BDS range includes :

  • Magnetic Drilling Machine & Accessories
  • Edge Processing Machines

LEADERMEC specializes in the production of equipment for construction, in particular, Cutting, Bending and combined machines for processing reinforcement rods for ferroconcrete. The product range includes :

  • Rebar bending machines
  • Rebar Cutting Machines
  • Combination Machines

Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger in 2014 between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer and indexable specialist Pramet.

The strengths of each company were combined to create a single platform, providing customers with access to a wide range of high quality, fit-for-purpose products including hole-making, milling, turning and threading tools.

EIBENSTOCK-Elektrowerkzeuge (Power tools) are produced in Sachsen in the Erzgebirge. The  company has a long tradition in the development and the manufacturing of power tools for the industrial and trade sector.

The Product range includes

  • Diamond Core cutting machines & related accessories
  • Portable Power Mixers
  • Long Reach Sanders
  • Vacuum cleaners

With more than 60 years of Manufacturing experience, Melchor Gabilondo S.A., ( SPAIN)  has built a strong reputation on a tradition of quality, credibility and know-how, which is renewed on a daily basis and is enhanced by generations of professionals committed to improving the high quality of tools and guaranteeing a promising future for the Mega trademark.  The MEGA product range includes the below products :

  • Bottle Jacks
  • Trolley Jacks
  • Workshop Presses
  • Transmission Jacks
  • Body Repair Kits
  • Floor cranes
  • Lifting Tables

Kawasaki Pneumatic Tools (KPT) was established in 1969 as Kawasaki machinery Co., Ltd. For over forty four years Kawasaki (KPT) has been supplying high quality Japanese made automotive and Industrial air tools to customers all over the world. The KAWASAKI range of Pneumatic tools includes :

  • Jack Hammers / Chippers
  • Grinders
  • Wood Working tools
  • Impact Wrenches

The I.T.C. ITALIAN TOP CLASS provides top end solutions in the field of  Construction equipment’s, machinery for processing marble & granite, floor grinding & polishers.  The range of equipment’s include the below :

  • Table Saw for Wood
  • Table Saw for Marble / Stone
  • Block Cutting Machine

OSBORN is the industry leader in surface treatment & finishing solutions. OSBORN manufactures a wide range of Power Brushes like Twisted/ Crimped  Wire cup brushes, Flap Wheels, Buffing Wheels  for Galvanized & SS applications.